Kim Spinney Vice President


Kim Spinney is a Vice President, Senior Asset Manager of R4 Capital based in the firm’s Boston office. Prior to joining R4 Capital, Kim worked in the Asset Management Group at Hunt Capital Partners, where she was responsible for a portfolio of $220 million in LIHTC investments, including those within the REO portfolio. Previously, Kim served as Vice President of Affordable Multifamily Housing at Centerline Capital Group as part of the Workout and Debt Modification Team, responsible for equity and debt restructurings, including the reissuance of 36 TEBS in the Freddie Mac bond portfolio. Kim began her career at a Boston-based LIHTC syndicator as an Investment Analyst and also spent two years as a Senior Associate at Moody’s Investor Services, focused on RMBS. Kim holds the Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing from Northeastern University and a Certificate in Real Estate Finance from New York University.