Jay Segel Executive Vice President


Jay Segel has been focused on LIHTC property investing and affordable housing for nearly 30 years. Executive Vice President at R4 Capital, Jay is responsible for originating and acquiring LIHTC properties for R4 Capital out of R4’s Boston office. Jay has closed in excess $3 billion of LIHTC transactions throughout his career. Before joining R4 Capital, Jay was a Senior Vice President with a national syndicator responsible for origination and acquisition of LIHTC equity investments. His extensive experience also includes real estate underwriting, property acquisitions, portfolio management and syndication for several other top real estate investment firms. Jay is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association (NH&RA), and he is a frequent speaker at Novogradac, IPED, and NH&RA conferences. He holds a BA in Finance from Ithaca College and an MBA from Boston University.